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Malaysia. A former British colony, which shares a land border with Thailand. Malaysia is a stunning country to travel with a rich history. There are fewer tourists in Malaysia than in other parts of South-East Asia, but that’s just another reason you should visit. The country is split across two land masses. East, and West Malaysia. The straits of Mellaca Towns include Langkawi, George Town, Melaka, (and Singapura) which are all fascinating to visit. Don’t overlook the Cameron Highlands for hiking, Ipoh for the best food, or the Perhentian Islands for relaxation. Malaysian Borneo is famous for its diverse nature and it’s the only remaining place in the world where Orangutans are still found in the wild. Read my itinerary for two weeks in Malaysia here.

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    Written by a local Malaysian Couple, regularly updated articles about; Ipoh, Cameron, Penang and Langkawi.
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When I travel to a new country, I read travel guides and blogs written by others. These websites were the most reliable, informative, and resourceful that I found during my time in Malaysia. If you have any recommendations for travel blogs about Malaysia that I might have missed, please contact me.