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I Will Mail You A Physical Handwritten Postcard

Chose Your Own Price: From $2.00 to $200.00!

Support Backpack Bob By Buying A Postcard

Found my site useful? Want to support or contribute to Backpack Bob? I will send you a postcard from wherever I am in the world to show my appreciation.

Current Location: 📍 Bali, Indonesia.

Postcards were once the norm, if you took a trip overseas, you’d send postcards back to your friends and family to stay in touch. All that has now been replaced with a message on Facebook or a call on Facetime. I guess now a postcard would be considered vintage?

So where am I going with this? Well, as you might know, running a website takes time and energy, (and it also costs money)!

I started my travel blog at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, partially out of boredom. But it was something I had been considering doing for a long time. So when the pandemic hit, travel ground to a halt and I lost my tour business. I had plenty of time and I finally took the opportunity to get started.

I began to put my stories out into the world with the hope that I could inspire others to keep on travelling.

If I have inspired you to carry on travelling or to get back onto the road after the pandemic. Or if you have enjoyed reading any of my posts, and you want to show your appreciation. Then, you can support me and this site by buying a handwritten postcard.

Back in the early days of the internet, you might find bloggers asking you to buy them a coffee, or a beer. But I started this blog to offer something different, and something unique. So I won’t be doing that.

Although, while it’s possible I might use your donation to cover some costs of running this site. It’s also possible that I might grab a bottle of beer on the beach and use it to cover my running costs!

So if you want to make a donation of any amount, I will return the favour by mailing you a physical, handwritten postcard from wherever I happen to be in the world.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, and read my blog, it really is appreciated! 🙏

The price is down to you, enter any amount you like below, and hit add to cart.

*Prices are in USD, there is no extra cost for postage.

Suggested price: $10.00

Minimum price: $2.00